What Pets Need

Probiotics for pets can boost immunity, support digestion, aid metabolism, improve nutrient production and absorption, and promote oral health.

Essential probiotics are often lost in pet food processing, and the common diets of household pets can cause imbalances in the gut, which may lead to a variety of health issues.  Supplementation with probiotics can ensure an optimal amount of “good” bacteria in your pet’s digestive system.

Healthy Habitats

Probiotic formulas have a wide variety of applications. Our topical products help eliminate odors, reduce fly attractants and maintain a healthier environment for pets and pet owners.  

BioNatural Pet offers a selection of products designed to promote nature’s ability to create healthier environments naturally, both inside and out.

The Science of Probiotics

“Probiotic” means “for life.”  Probiotics are foundational to animal wellness, and contribute broadly to the health of cats and dogs.  The digestive tract is populated by microorganisms known as intestinal flora.  When gut bacteria is well-conditioned, rather than pathogenic, the system functions of the animal benefit as a whole.