About Us

BioNatural Pet

BioNatural Pet is a division of BioNatural America Institute, a biotech company dedicated to innovative, sustainable probiotic-based solutions for animal health and the environment.  Our focus with BioNatural Pet is to develop and market probiotics for pets, as well as to explore the many beneficial applications for probiotic formulas.  With our pet probiotics division, we offer an expanding line of natural pet products that range from daily digestive support to odor control.

BioNatural America Institute (BNA) is a rapidly growing American company contributing to human, animal and environmental health through the development of natural probiotic products for the global market.  Since its inception, the goal at BNA has been to research, develop, and produce high quality, effective, and reasonably priced probiotics.

One of the main strengths of BNA lies in our ability to manufacture according to specifications of a particular market while maintaining high levels of product quality, stability and effectiveness.


Our retail probiotics for pets are available directly through this website and other online retail channels, and are available for distribution at favorable wholesale pricing.  Please contact us with product questions, as well as with inquiries related to domestic retail or international distribution.