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DigestAlign Daily Probiotic Supplement for Cats


3.5 oz. package of DigestAlign Daily Probiotic Supplement for Cats

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Product Description

DigestAlign is a daily probiotic supplement formula designed to optimize the digestive health of cats.  Like all BioNatural Pet products, DigestAlign is all-natural, with multiple strains of effective “good” bacteria to ensure your cat gets the most out of their nutrient intake with increased support for digestive function and immune response.  Probiotics for cats are as important as probiotics for humans, and DigestAlign is an easy and effective product for including beneficial probiotics in the feline diet.

Adding a daily probiotic supplement to your cat’s diet is essential for ensuring vital probiotic elements will be maintained in the digestive system, as these natural elements are often lost in pet food processing.  One package contains approx. one month’s supply for adult cats, 5-6 weeks’ supply for kittens.

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